• Howard is a pragmatic, even-tempered, executive with a sound business acumen and solid management skills. Always approachable and open to new ideas, Howard leads with a steady hand and an eye on mission accomplishment. I enjoyed working with Howard and look forward to working with him again in the near future.

    - Matthew Dalkiewicz

  • Howard is a top notch seasoned executive with strong business expertise  and knowledge of the client base and marketplace. He is exceptional at driving a transaction to closing, managing both internal and external activities. Howard is a flexible go to person for helping build a business.

    - Mark Varricchione

  • Howard Darling was originally referred to me by a mutual colleague that had the pleasure of working closely with him on a major opportunity. I was extremely impressed with Howard’s presentation as I first met him. Howard Darling was recommended not only for his collegial approach to the work and his ability to fashion creative strategies for a high-profile opportunity, but also for his talent in absorbing mind-numbing details.  His “staunch loyalty, focus and strong work ethic” are qualities commonly mentioned by other references. Simply terrific, I have always enjoyed working with Howard Darling as he is always ‘on his game’.

    - Lynn Argain

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