Belle Jar Design

Ordinary girls making extraordinary things. That’s what they do. Great design shouldn’t require a professional or expensive budget. They are two vintage-loving girls with a heart for mixing things old and new and a desire to help you make your house a home.

703-266-2288 | 7137 Main Street | Clifton, Virginia 20124


Clifton General Store

It’s a treat to visit this once rural landmark from an earlier century. Sitting next to the only railroad crossing still in Fairfax County, the store is located in a Virginia historic district. Serving the Clifton community for over 75 years. Most customers are known by name because they keep coming back. Tourists, commuters, and locals like the friendly customer service and the nostalgic ambiance that reminds them of home and their childhood.

703-266-6307 | 7140 Main Street | Clifton, Virginia 20124



Quaint, warm bakeshop serving scones, pies & cupcakes in inventive flavors, plus coffee, tea & wine. Cupcakes baked fresh daily, fresh batch available at 11:00am

703-266-0000 | 12644 Chapel Road| Clifton, VA 20124


Hydrangea of Clifton

Hydrangea of Clifton is a charming boutique located in quaint Historic Clifton and specializes in home décor accessories and gift items. The boutique is a delightful browse when looking to add interest to your home décor or find that special gift for someone.

703-543-6944 | 12704 Chapel Road | Clifton, Virginia 20124

Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot

Premium soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, hot dogs, Carolina pulled pork bbq and much much more!

703-830-7898 | 7150 Main St | Clifton, Virginia 20124


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